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The Day Before 

A film by Lee Roy Kunz

The Day Before 

The Day Before 



For the past seventeen years, a Curse from God has killed a member of the Sunshine family on The Day Before Christmas. Now a
Famous photographer, Miles Sunshine is the last Sunshine alive.

fight club 


It's a wonderful Life 


Dark Comedy

A heartwarming Christmas story for those who hate Christmas.


A schizophrenic celebrity photographer falls in love with a terminally ill cancer patient.


Whimsical, dark, and sentimental. The film uses magical realism to explore its themes of death, mental illness, addiction, fame, celebrity and mass cultural delusion.

Marry Christmas from the Sunshine Family

We tell the story of The Sunshine Family Curse in the form of a cartoon Christmas special. The Sunshine Family are  international celebrities with their own Kardashian-like reality show "Living and Dying with the Sunshines."
With millions of followers and fans, they are America's most popular family: famous for being rich and dying.
We open with the story of The Sunshine Family. We meet young MILES SUNSHINE, at the age of 7, who is the product of an unhappy family life. Although The Sunshine Family is extremely wealthy, that wealth is ill-gotten and they have a curse mysteriously placed on them, that kills them one by one on, The Day Before Christmas.
Miles always wished for her family to get along, but her wish never came true. They always argued and bickered and eventually started killing each other. She never felt love from her emotional mother and her abrasive father and spent years in childhood therapy as a result.
Miles sought refuge at school but didn’t have many friends due to their fear of The Sunshine Family Curse. Only one kid, a young boy, named Toddy (11)  befriended Miles and the two became inseparable. But Toddy’s father got a new job and his family was forced to move away, leaving Miles sad and alone. This is when Geoffrey showed up, a demonic force, that originates from Miles's own mind.
Fast forward, Miles is now a bitter adult struggling to get through the upcoming holidays. She is a famous shock photography artist and her only companion is Geoffrey; who plots to make sure that Miles doesn’t ever have anyone special in her life other than him. 
The Family Curse has wreaked havoc on the Sunshine Family and Miles is now the last member of the Sunshine family alive with Christmas quickly approaching. 
Unable to take the pressure, believing she only has three months to live, and wanting to be in control of her fate, Miles writes her suicide note and drives to a large cliff that overlooks all of Denver to kill herself.
She runs into a woman named Sarah (40) who convinces her not to jump. Miles can’t deny her attraction to Sarah but is afraid to pursue her for fear of getting hurt. Sarah sees true kindness in Miles and doesn’t buy into her manufactured “tough-girl” persona.
It’s revealed that Sarah has been diagnosed with a case of recurrence cancer and doesn’t have long to live. In the past, her parents did everything they could to save her, investing their life savings and taking on massive amounts of debt, to pay for her medical bills.
Now that the cancer is back, Sarah is wracked with guilt over her parents potentially going into further financial ruin and decides to forgo treatment, keep her cancer a secret, and quietly await her fate.
Miles and Sarah begin a friendship while Miles attempts to get out of an unhealthy codependent relationship with, Chloe, her ex-girlfriend, who is a good person at heart and is someone Miles does not want to see her hurt. 
However, as Miles and Sarah's friendship develops into a relationship and the two fall deeply in love, Miles finally confront Chloe with the fact that they will never be getting back together. This causes Chloe to go off the rails and Geoffrey watches in amusement as Chloe has a mental breakdown. 
Meanwhile, as Miles and Sarah fall more deeply in love, Toddy comes back into Miles's life. Now an ex-marine back from three tours in Afghanistan, Toddy plans to work with horses on his grandparent's ranch in the mountains. He begins a friendship with Chloe; which eventually blossoms into their own surprising romance. 
Miles finds out too late that Sarah has cancer. It is revealed that Sarah was on the cliff that night to kill herself too because of her cancer. Miles also learns that Sarah’s true dream is to open a medical clinic for children who have terminal illnesses.
Sarah offers to marry Miles to save her from the curse, but Miles adamantly refuses and makes preparations for her imminent death on The Day Before Christmas. 
The Day Before Christmas arrives and Sarah dies. It is revealed that Geoffrey lied to Sarah and pretended to be Miles so that Sarah would marry her and die in her place. Geoffrey believes they can live forever. They just need to find someone new to marry every year. But Miles is furious and an intense fight between her and Geoffrey ensues.  They fight to the death and Miles finally defeats him once and for all.
Miles fulfills Sarah’s dying wish and uses her families old mansion to open a clinic for children who are terminally ill that gives financial support to the parents so they can spend more time with their sick children. Miles is finally happy and at peace with her place in the world: helping others, spreading love and joy, finally breaking The Sunshine Family Curse. 

'Twas the night before Christmas in Denver, Colorado...



From the mansions of crooked Colorado Billionaires to the insane world of art and celebrity. 
The Day Before Christmas takes place in a magical world all its own, where an angry God punishes one family for its sins.
Unsettling and provocative, our story is really about LOVE...
Mock death with laughter,
and love one another.
It's better to live, laugh, and die. 

Miles Sunshine 


Neglected and shunned as a child, Miles' best friend has always been Geoffrey: a dark and destructive force that emanate from Miles subconscious. Now a cutting-edge photographer, famous for her images that evoke death and loneliness, Miles is unable to forge intimacy with anyone in the real world. Mistrusting, narcissistic, and hungry for validation, Miles knows her fame is suffocating her. She takes a leap of faith and falls deeply in love with an older woman named Sarah, who is dying of cancer. Miles is finally able to learn the true meaning of love and happiness. She forges a new identity of loving kindness in her devotion to Sarah that is outside of Geoffrey's control. Geoffrey becomes dangerously jealous and forces Miles to new extremes, pitting her two selves against each other in an epic battle for the soul. 


An imaginary fragment of Miles' imagination. As decadent and nihilistic as humanly possible, he is the Mr. Hyde to Miles's Dr. Jekyll. Selfish, controlling, sexually uninhibited and manipulative, Geoffrey has been the artistic collaborator on Miles' famously dark photographs and her only friend since childhood. Geoffrey's dark vision extends far beyond mere images, he wants to watch the world burn and play the fiddle while it happens. Sardonic and mischievous, he becomes an increasingly dangerous force when Miles falls in love with Sarah. Furious at his loss of control, that Miles is becoming a self-sufficient, independent and loving woman, making sacrifices for others without thinking about him: Geoffrey and Miles ultimately have a lethal final confrontation that will determine which personality will live and which one will die.


Sarah can't have children, a source of deep regret that destroyed her first marriage. She has been battling cancer for some time, and it has returned with a vengeance - a diagnosis that Sarah has been keeping secret for fear her family will go bankrupt trying to save her. However, the end has not dampened Sarah's lovely spirit, and she remains warm, outgoing, and deeply concerned for othersCommitted to her work at a children’s hospice, she finds more fulfillment in helping others than she does dealing with her own problems. Sarah is one of the few people who see Miles for who she truly is: a kindhearted loving person that deeply wants to connect with others. She encourages Miles to be who she really is away from all the cameras and her fake celebrity persona. Although appearing strong, Sarah has an overwhelming fear of death and a deep feeling of insignificance. She denies herself pleasure, including her attraction to women, to try and please a God she no longer understands. Through Miles, she learns to fully enjoy the little time she does have and the two fall deeply in love. They share a passionate star-crossed romance, full of devotion, that few people ever experience in their lifetime.




Chloe just wants to be loved. She has been in an unhealthy on and off again codependent relationship with Miles for as long as she can remember, but God damn it she's going to make it work. Artistically she is Miles's favorite muse - the Edie Sedgwick to her Andy Warhol. Neurotic, charming, and extremely high strung, Chloe is always looking to Miles for answers, hoping that she will be her savior. When Miles makes it clear she doesn't love her, Chloe goes crazy and spirals into a dark deep depression finding meaningless in everything she does. However, she finds love with, Toddy, surprising herself with her own sexual fluidity. However, her ongoing fascination with Miles causes problems and Geoffrey gleefully uses this to his advantage to create chaos. Emotional and impulsive, she is a loose cannon and has no problem wearing her heart on her sleeve. As she falls more in love with Toddy, she finally learns to forge an identity on her own, realizing that nobody is going to save her but herself. Miles and her forge what turns out to be a genuine friendship, and is a key component in helping Miles defeat Geoffrey once and for all.  




All-American and raised in the South, Toddy has just returned from three tours in Afghanistan; which has left him feeling empty and broken from all the meaningless horror. He was the only person that was ever nice to Miles as kids and they had a strong yet brief friendship that ended when Toddy's family moved to Arkansas. Back in Colorado, he is working with horses at his grandparent's ranch in the mountains, trying to forget his past trauma. He begins a relationship with Chloe but is soon shattered to learn that Chloe has slept with Miles behind his back. Through his genuine affection for Chloe and ability to see past pretenses into the true nature of things, he forgives Chloe and the two give their relationship a second chance, even teaming up to help Miles to Kill Geoffrey.

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The End...

Merry Christmas!

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